The Owl that lost the Cat

The Owl that lost the Cat:

For the last few years I have been working on the creation of insular worlds – character specific worlds. I have been working with the idea of ‘lost’ characters, caught somewhere between a sense of childlike safety and an emotional prison.

This piece is a structural installation.  I play the character of Anna the owl. Anna builds a fort and invites audiences members to sit and visit with her. She asks them questions and tells them stories. Anna talks about how she has lost someone in Dublin. The idea for this work originated in ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ which is a poem/nursery rhyme. The work focuses on the audience’s ability to connect to a fictional character. In this case Anna, who has the head of an Owl. This is an integral part of the story but also is designed to mirror the loneliness and anonymity which people often feel when surrounded by so many people. The work is partially scripted and there will be an element of improvisation, however the improvisation will have particular rules/restrictions for the me to abide by. It is about loneliness, danger, uncertainty in a city.

I have performed as Anna at

  • Block T 4.3.12
  • Monster Truck Gallery
  • Project Arts Centre
  • The Complex Dublin
  • The Back Loft

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